Marvin Eisenpresser, previous seller in Dorchester: I needed an experienced agent to sell my condo at the Dorchester Towers on W. 68th Street. After looking up several agents who specialized in the Lincoln Square area of Manhattan, I contacted Eileen and knew immediately she was the right agent to represent me. My intuition was proven correct, as she found a buyer within a week! One of the considerations that I felt was important was that Eileen is Asian and speaks Chinese. With all the Asian buyers coming to the United States, she is ideally suited to working with them. I heartily recommend Eileen and her team as an agent who will get the job done.
Alan Miller, previous owner in Dorchester:
I owned apartment in Dorchester Tower Condominium and I regularly received Eileen’s Dorchester Market updates in the mail and when it came time to sell my apartment, I met with Eileen and she provided me with thorough evaluations and market analysis on Dorchester Tower sales and other neighborhood comparables. We have worked with other Real Estate agents in the past and Eileen is very professional and knowledgeable in the Manhattan Condominium market – not to mention her expertise in Dorchester Tower. We listed our Dorchester Tower apartment with Eileen and within a short period of time we had received multiple offers on the property. Many thanks to Eileen Hsu for helping us to successfully sell our apartment and we always appreciate her prompt response – no matter the hour.
Richard Herschenfeld, previous owner in Dorchester:
Eileen Hsu provided us with exceptional service in selling our Dorchester Tower one bedroom apartment. Prior to listing with Eileen Hsu, we had attempted to sell our Dorchester apartment ourselves. After few weeks on the market, we had decided to meet with Real Estate agents and see if we can get the apartment sold. We met with Eileen in Dorchester Tower the same day we contacted her. Her friendly demeanor and positive attitude made us feel comfortable immediately. Eileen also educated us on market comparables and what our apartment can sell for. We initially thought that our price may be too high for the market we were in, but Eileen showed us that our asking price was reasonable considering the comparable sales made in Dorchester Tower. Throughout the selling process, Eileen kept us informed and was always very professional and honest. Eileen marketed the property aggressively and strategically both online and offline, and we received a great offer within four weeks of working with her. We are very happy and satisfied with Eileen’s service, therefore we are happy to refer her to other Dorchester Tower residents.
Cheryl Yang, current owner in Dorchester:
Finding an apartment in Manhattan requires a lot of luck, not to mention if you are an international buyer finding your first home in this mega city. I was very lucky to have met Eileen. I had spoken with couple other brokers before contacting her. I decided to work with Eileen because she is among them all the most professional and efficient. She replied my emails promptly and provided me useful data on different Manhattan neighborhoods and inventory even before I arrived New York city. No time was wasted during my short stay in NYC. Eileen only showed me apartments that fit my needs and budget. She was also able to explain to my mother all the details in fluent Mandarin. I found Eileen more like a friend. She continues to offer help even after I moved in to the new apartment. I would recommend Eileen Hsu without hesitation.
Jason Burak, current owner in Dorchester:
Few years ago, I was a renter in Dorchester Tower condo for many years and I really enjoyed living in the building with such great staff, management and not to mention the convenient location. When I relocated back to New York for work, I know that I wanted to live and own an apartment in Dorchester. I met Eileen and Morgan at one of open houses at Dorchester Tower. Morgan was very professional in explaining to me the condo buying process in Manhattan and specifically in Dorchester Tower. Morgan patiently analyzes the Dorchester condo market and eventually we had a meeting of the minds of price. Once the contract was signed, Morgan and Eileen work actively in obtaining financing for me in this building. In today’s lending industry, the guideline changes almost daily as to what each bank will accept, and financing in Dorchester is becoming more challenging because of its percentage of owner versus sponsor shares. I really appreciate Morgan and Eileen. They were there every step of the way to answering questions that I may have, working with my attorney, and facilitating the financing process by working with mortgage experts and condo management. Their prompt response and positive attitude made this a smooth transaction. I am very happy now that I am resident in Dorchester and I will recommend them to others that want professional Real Estate services.

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